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Public Health 101

We are pleased to inform the completion of Public Health 101; a free, self-paced educational resource that can be used to orient staff and stakeholders to public health.

Public Health 101 provides a foundational knowledge of the structure, function, roles and responsibilities of public health in the BC and Canadian context, in support of BC’s Guiding Framework for Public Health.

Public Health 101 can be accessed online through BC Campus at This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence, which allows non-commercial users to share (copy, distribute and transmit the work) and remix (to adapt the work to their specific uses) under the constraints and limits of the license.

Here is also a description of Public Health 101 which provides an overview of the development of the resource and content for each of the seven modules PH 101 Overview

If you have any questions specific to Public Health 101, please contact the project lead:

Ryan Hinton

Manager, Projects and Strategic Initiatives


Potential Impacts of Transit Referendum – Speak up! for health BC

PHABC supports public transit and good planning for it and support citizen engagement in the referendum.

Here are some documents highlighting the potential impacts of the upcoming Transit Referendum for your consideration

Speak up for health – Northshore

Speak up for health – Vancouver

Speak up for health – Richmond

Pan-Canadian Network for Health Promoter Competencies – Version 5

The Pan-Canadian Network for Health Promoter Competencies has been undergoing a 3-year project, funded by a contribution agreement with the Public Health Agency of Canada, to conduct consultations in provinces across Canada to develop a set of discipline-specific competencies for Canadian health promoters.

We are pleased to share with you that Version 5 is available on the website. This version is a result of consultations conducted in Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. We will be conducting additional consultation in Alberta and British Columbia in Winter 2015. If you are a Health Promoter in Alberta or BC, stay tuned to our website for event information or you may contact our Project Consultant (Dr. Brent Moloughney if you wish to be a part of the consultation.

Also stay tuned for a comprehensive Health Promoter Toolkit to be released in 2015 to support implementation of Health Promoter Competencies in public health, community health, and academic settings across Canada.

Online Survey – On The Map: Arts & Health in BC

Do you lead an arts & health initiative in BC? If so, Arts Health BC wants to hear from you! On The Map: Arts & Health in BC is an online survey to locate arts & health activity in the province.  The results will be used to:

  • bring awareness to the value of arts & health
  • facilitate networking & resource sharing within the arts & health sector
  • create more opportunities for British Columbians to engage with art for the health of it!

Participate in the On the Map survey to ensure that your arts & health initiative is included in the first ever directory of arts & health activity in BC!  The survey will be open September 22nd – December 19th 2014.To learn more and complete the survey, please visit

On the Map: Arts & Health in BC is a project of Arts Health BC, a provincial not-for-profit promoting engagement with the arts for health, healing & wellbeing.

Poverty Intervention Tool

Kootenay Boundary

Division of Family Practice

The Poverty Intervention Tool was launched on May 27, 2014.

As we are all well aware, poverty has a profound impact on health.  The Poverty Intervention Tool not only raises the knowledge level of health practitioners regarding this critical Social Determinant, but also gives them concrete steps to help their patients.

Versions of the Tool specific to the Kootenay Boundary and the Province as a whole, plus a short list of tips for promoting them, are available on our website

For those who wish to create a local version for their own community, the original InDesign files can also be requested through our site.

My Health My Community Survey

Complete the My Health My Community Survey, to help design healthier communities.

You could win prizes like an iPad!

My Health My Community Survey

We already know we are what we eat, but there is still much to learn about the impacts of where we live and what we do on health and well-being.  Understanding how these factors relate is at the heart of the My Health My Community survey.

Why does the survey matter to me?

* You will learn how your lifestyle, community and physical environment are affecting your health and well-being.

* The results of the survey will help health care and community planners develop strategies and programs to promote health and well-being.

* There has never been an easier way to make a difference in the health of your family, friends and future generations.

Survey Questions

You’ll be asked questions about your health status, neighbourhood characteristics, community belonging and lifestyle choices, like whether you smoke, how many fruit and vegetables you eat and how much you exercise.

Participate and win prizes!  1 in 500 participants will win prizes like an iPad.

You can take the survey if:

* You are 18 years or older

* You live in the Vancouver Coastal Health or Fraser Health (Metro Vancouver, along the Coast and the Fraser Valley) regions.

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