PHABC Annual Awards



Each year at our annual general meeting & conference the Public Health Association of BC hosts their annual awards ceremony. It is a chance for us to recognize and thank individuals and organizations in our community whose commitment to public health has gone above and beyond all expectations.


Do you know someone in the public health community whose hard work and dedication deserves recognition?


Please consider nominating them for a PHABC award, we accept nominations year-round for outstanding individuals and organizations.


Read about all our award’s below and when you are ready, please fill out our online nomination form.



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President’s Award

The President’s Award is given to a member of the Public Health Association of British Columbia who has shown a commitment to enabling their community, neighbourhood, housing complex or organization to address health issues. The issues include economic security, food security, environmental sustainability, preventive health actions, and ensuring involvement in decisions by those affected.



The Award of Merit

The Award of Merit is given to a community member who does not belong to the PHABC but who has contributed significantly to enhancing the health of their community. They may have been involved in a variety of areas that impacted in some way the broader determinants of health. Perhaps it was providing support for low cost housing, improving the food supply for low-income areas, supporting programs for children and youth, or supporting healthy lifestyles in general.



Phyllis M. Baird Memorial Award

The Baird Award is given to a Community Health Nurse practicing in a rural area of BC who:

  • demonstrates excellence in practice
  • is employed in a provincial health unit
  • wishes to pursue a short or long term course relative to her/his field of interest

The recipient should exhibit some or all of the following:

  • an excellent understanding of and keen interest in public health nursing
  • leadership skills
  • pride in doing an excellent job
  • activity/interest in professional and/or community organizations, i.e. RNABC, PHABC, CPHA, Community Health Nurses Interest Group, etc.
  • eager to increase knowledge, keeps up to date by reading, extramural studies, attending workshops etc.
  • demonstrates a tactful, discrete, courteous, poised manner
  • able to maintain confidentiality
  • exemplifies integrity, warmth, understanding, and compassion
  • has a positive outlook and contributes to good morale
  • excellent communication skills
  • ethical – avoids or withdraws from conflict of interest situations



Sharon Martin Community Development Award

The Sharon Martin Community Development Award was created in November 1999 as a memoriam to Sharon Martin, a visionary and staunch advocate for public and community health at national, provincial and community levels. The award recognizes a member or non-member of PHABC who has contributed significantly to community development by:

  • supporting community capacity
  • advocating for social justice
  • mentoring others in the promotion of the public’s health
  • promoting the involvement of community members in public health programs.



Healthy Corporate Citizen Award

Corporations play an ever increasing part of our life not just through the products and services they produce and provide, market and sell but through their involvement in shaping society through their increasing dominance in the social, political and economic life of our communities. Corporations affect our health in both direct and indirect ways.

In order to raise awareness of the role of the corporate sector in public health and in the potential for corporations to provide leadership in improving health, PHABC has created a Healthy Corporate Citizen Award.

The award is intended for a corporation, financial institution or producer/worker cooperative that demonstrates a broad and comprehensive commitment to promoting health through a range of policies, products/services and practices. The award is not intended to reward a specific policy, product/service or practice but rather is intended to recognize a broad commitment to addressing the determinants of health (e.g., housing and food security) that can be influenced by corporate activities (e.g., paying a living wage) and to avoid contributing to dangerous or unhealthy policies, products/services and practices (e.g., marketing unhealthy food).


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