BC Health Literacy Network

BC’s Health Literacy Network – About the Network

Section 1: BC’s Health Literacy Network – About the Network

The British Columbia Health Literacy Network was established in 2011 following two Roundtables on health literacy organized by a multi-sectoral planning committee of people and organizations interested in the issue. It was established to pursue the following three goals articulated in a Strategy paper developed by the planning committee:

  1. The BC population has increased skills to better access, understand, communicate and evaluate health information in order to make informed decisions about their health.
  2. The BC Health system has structures and expertise to support members of the public with different levels of health literacy.
  3. Stakeholders from different fields and sectors are working collaboratively in an innovative and articulated manner.

In order to pursue these goals, a number of networks and organizations from various sectors committed to health literacy agreed to a structure consisting of a Steering Committee of representatives from the various types of networks and organizations interested in health literacy, as well as the broader Network consisting of members from all of the networks and organizations. Since the establishment of this structure, the Steering Committee, hosted by the Public Health Association of B.C. (PHABC), has met almost monthly to keep abreast of developments related to health literacy in British Columbia (and elsewhere) and to organize a number of activities in pursuit of the above goals.

For more information about the Network or if you are interested in joining, please contact the Network Chair, Irv Rootman at irootman@telus.net

Other Networks supporting Health Literacy in BC:

  • BC Mental Health & Substance Use Provincial Health Literacy Network: The Network serves as a vehicle for province-wide collaboration, partnership, and knowledge exchange across levels of government, non-profit, and community organizations, and works to identify and prioritize mental health and substance use literacy needs within the province. For more information, please contact the Network’s Project Manager, Meredith de Freitas at Meredith.deFreitas@bcmhs.bc.ca
  • BC Health Literacy & Public Libraries Network: The Network brings together librarians, health professionals, literacy practitioners and others interested in the role that Public Libraries play in enhancing the health literacy of their communities. The Network hold bi-monthly meetings to facilitate networking, resource sharing and the development of projects. For more information, please contact the Network Chair, Marina Niks at miniks@shaw.ca