First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition


First Call Child and Youth Advocacy Society is a registered charity in British Columbia whose purpose is to create greater understanding of and advocacy for legislation, policy, and practice so that all children and youth have the rights, opportunities and resources required to thrive. In our work we:

  • Raise the public profile of child and youth issues through public education and the dissemination of research,
  • Advocate on public policy issues in order to have resources allocated for the benefit of children and youth,
  • Recognize the value of involving children and youth in decision-making processes, and
  • Mobilize local and provincial support for children and youth.

First Call believes that to promote the health and well-being of children and youth, they and their families need the following 4 Keys to Success:

  1. A Strong Commitment to Early Childhood Development
  2. Support in Transitions from Childhood to Youth and Adulthood
  3. Increased Economic Equality
  4. Safe and Caring Communities

See the website for more details and resources:

Email First Call: or call (604) 288-8102