BC Alliance for Healthy Living Society – Executive Director


Executive Director

Vancouver, BC


Employment: Contract position to March 31 2019 with option for renewal.

Hours: Flexible 3 – 4 days / week if preferred

Location: #310 – 1212 West Broadway, Vancouver


About the BC Alliance for Healthy Living Society (BCAHL)


The BC Alliance for Healthy Living is a registered not‐for‐profit society that first came together  in 2003 with a vison to improve the health of British Columbians. BCAHL’s mission is “to  improve the health of all British Columbians through leadership and collaboration to address  the risk factors and health inequities that contribute significantly to chronic disease.”

The BC Alliance for Healthy Living is an alliance in the truest sense – the leaders of some of the  province’s largest and most influential health organizations make up the representatives that  govern BCAHL and determine strategic priorities and directions.  The membership includes: BC  Healthy Communities Society, BC Lung Association, BC Pediatric Society, BC Recreation and  Parks Association, Canadian Cancer Society, BC and Yukon Division; Canadian Mental Health  Association, BC Division; Diabetes Canada, Dietitians of Canada, BC Region, Heart and Stroke  Foundation of Canada, BC & Yukon; Public Health Association of BC, Union of BC Municipalities,  and YMCA of Greater Vancouver.

BCAHL advances health promoting policies, programs and environments that support the
physical and mental well‐being of British Columbians.  Since 2005, BCAHL has provided  oversight for over $35M in health promotion programming. These initiatives have affected tens  of thousands of British Columbians reaching across BC– from the far north Daylu Dena Council  near Lower Post to Sooke in the southwest to Sparwood in the southeast of the province. As an  advocacy group, we work with government and hold them accountable to promote wellness  and prevent chronic disease.

To learn more about BCAHL please visit


Position Overview


The Executive Director reports to a provincial level Board of Directors and serves to provide advice and  recommendations on strategic directions for the Alliance and works closely with the Board on setting  strategic priorities. The ED has the delegated responsibility for all operational functions within the limits  defined in policy and in accordance with an annually approved Business Plan.

The ED’s major responsibilities include governance, advocacy, administration, communications, external  relations, fundraising, financial management and human resources.

The ED represents BCAHL and serves as liaison to government and other external groups and provides  information as appropriate to BCAHL partners and governments on BCAHL’s activities and current
policy positions.

The ED is expected to develop strategic plans and proposals for potential future roles and projects which  might be undertaken by BCAHL, as well as for future policy positions. This requires engagement of key  stakeholders in collaborative annual and long‐term planning to increase the organization’s impact.

The ED ensures the financial sustainability of the organization, seeks out new funding opportunities and  manages key funder relationships. Supervises two staff (Manager of Advocacy and Communications and  Administration Manager) and other consultants as required.

Currently, the ED is also responsible for the oversight of the implementation of the Physical Activity  Strategy for Children and Youth grant from the Ministry of Health in partnership with the Ministry and  the executing agencies.


Required skills and knowledge


  • Master’s degree or equivalent in public health, health promotion and health administration or a  related area.
  • A minimum of seven years of senior management experience including two to four years’
    experience in multi‐organizational project management.
  • Strong leadership skills with a proven record of effective organizational development.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a governing body as well as fostering strong relationships with  senior leaders in government and not‐for‐profit sectors.
  • Commitment to health promotion and solid knowledge of chronic disease prevention and health equity.
  • Proven track record of successful government relations and experience in policy‐making and advocacy.
  • Familiarity with current policy issues in health promotion and ability to see opportunities to align  with government priorities, cultivate internal champions and build political support.
  • Understanding of financial management best practices and nonprofit and charitable regulatory
  • Demonstrated ability to implement successful fundraising strategies and manage key funder relationships.
  • Excellent written, speaking and presentation skills and exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to show initiative and ingenuity.
  • Skill with managing competing priorities and divergent interests of stakeholders.
  • Able to make challenging decisions respectfully and effectively.
  • Experience providing guidance, support and constructive feedback to motivate staff and achieve  organizational objectives.
  • Excellent interpersonal, organizational, presentation and decision‐making skills. Tact and good  judgment required.



Salary is negotiable.  Benefits include paid vacation starting at three weeks per year plus time off during  the annual office closure between Christmas and New Year’s.

Application Information: 

Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter outlining their relevant experience and  interest in the position to BC Alliance for Healthy Living Society, 310 ‐ 1212 West Broadway, Vancouver,  BC V6H 3V2 or email to

Application deadline is Wednesday January 31, 2018.  Only candidates selected for further  consideration will be contacted.  We thank all applicants for their interest.



Electronic Petition to ask Canadian government to denounce the human right abuses in Chile: Deadline to sign the petition is the Friday the 10th.

We are asking PHABC members to consider:


  1. Signing the House of Commons electronic petition:





Any Canadian citizen or resident can sign (no age minimum), even if you are living abroad. It only takes 2 minutes.


  1. Sharing the e-petition on your social media and/or via email to friends, family and colleagues.

PHABC Year in Review – 2019


Happy Holidays from the Public Health Association of BC!


As we look to the new year we want to share our highlights from 2019



Charitable Status: Canada Revenue Agency formally notified PHABC of its successful application for charitable status. PHABC is now a registered charity, the culmination of a two-year effort.

Summer School: Our tenth annual Summer School “Simplifying Complexity: Public Health Approaches & Practice in Complex Systems” expanded to reach a record 236 participants across five provinces and one territory.

Farm to School: Farm to School hosted a webinar series showcasing inspirational champions across the province. We reached 43 schools with funding to support their Farm to School programs and activities. The spring celebrations across the regional hubs celebrated the work of teachers, parents, students, and community partners. It was a highlight of the year.

Farm to Cafeteria National Conference: Farm to School co-hosted the first ever National Farm to School Conference in Victoria, in May, 2019. The conference, which brought over 300 delegates from 9 provinces and the USA, was a tremendous success. The conference was a 3 day event, which hosted 6 inspiring field trips, a harvest dinner reception at the Songhees Wellness Center, and two days of workshops, speaker sessions and keynote events. We were sponsored by a number of local producers, a detail that truly made the conference feel local.

Kids Boost Immunity: This free, online program used in schools across Canada has gained national and international interest. Lessons address vaccine misinformation, test knowledge through a “game” format and earn vaccines for children in support of UNICEF. Since March 2018, almost 1 million questions have been answered and over 56,000 vaccines earned.

Vaccine Safety Net: We became members of the World Health Organization Vaccine Safety Net as a result of our work with Immunize BC, I Boost Immunity and Kids Boost Immunity. Our Executive Director is part of the global advisory committee for the Vaccine Safety Net and was recently named the Chair of that multi country forum.

ChatterHigh: Is an online tool for middle and high school students to explore careers through quizzes. A total of 15 public health disciplines were identified and outreach to PHABC membership across these professions resulted in 11 excellent submissions for the quiz component. Questions were developed with practitioners and has led to excellent partnerships and collaborations.

Policy Advocacy Research and Communication Committee: This Committee was active on many fronts this past year. Positions were drafted and confirmed on the topics of Smoke-Free Housing, the overdose emergency public health response, the Basic Income approach to poverty reduction by David Green’s group, climate emergency and inequities, and most recently, Canada taking a stand against the inequities and Human Rights violations in Chile.



We remain committed to strengthening the impact of people who are active in public health in BC and achieving our mission of promoting health, wellbeing and equity for all British Columbians through leadership in public health. Reaching this requires a community of support and we count on your involvement as our members and partners so that we can continue to make a difference.


Wishing everyone peace on earth!


Electronic Petition to ask Canadian government to denounce the human right abuses in Chile

Following up on the PHABC conference last month discussion related to health inequalities and human right violations in Chile, Paola Ardiles, Past President of PHABC, met with the Policy Advocacy Research and Communication Committee to obtain permission to circulate an electronic petition to the House of Commons to ask Canadian government to denounce the human right abuses in Chile.


We are asking PHABC members to consider:


  1. Signing the House of Commons electronic petition:





Any Canadian citizen or resident can sign (no age minimum), even if you are living abroad. It only takes 2 minutes.


  1. Sharing the e-petition on your social media and/or via email to friends, family and colleagues.




You may have heard about the cancellation of some high profile global meetings scheduled in Chile this fall, such as the 26th Cochrane Colloquium, the International Climate Change Summit COP25 and Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) leaders’ meeting. They were cancelled due to the crisis in Chile that started in mid-October due to a massive social uprising and military crackdown that occurred when President Piñera declared a state of emergency on Oct 1, 2019.


Since that date, human rights watch groups including the National Institute for Human Rights in Chile, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch and United Nations have reported 400+ criminal complaints allegedly committed by security forces; deaths, sexual violence, tortures, detention of children and thousands wounded and admitted to hospital. More than 350 people have lost their eyesight due to severe ocular wounds caused by non-lethal lead ammunitions banned by UN. Political responsibilities have not being persecuted yet.


The root cause of the social unrest is the decades of neoliberal economics and policies that were established with the Constitution of 1980 under the Pinochet dictatorship, with zero participation of civil society. Today, Chile has the largest social inequities in all the OECD countries.


Here is an article in Lancet on health inequalities in Chile as one of the root causes of unrest:


Where can you get more information in English?


Follow @Van4Chile

or visit: under media links


Please help spread the word however you can.


Thank you for your solidarity.


Paola Ardiles Gamboa BSc (Hons) MHSc MBA

Promoting Indigenous Women’s Heart Health

Promoting Indigenous Women’s Heart Health


Dr. Annalijn Conklin at UBC shares this beautiful brochure “Promoting Indigenous Women’s Heart Health: Lessons from Gatherings with Elders and Knowledge-Holders.”


It summarizes the problems of heart diseases in Indigenous communities, how knowledge was shared, and the important lessons learned. It also provides a map going forward.


Please take a look at this beautifully illustrated brochure by clicking here. It is also available online through the UBC Circle repository:

Priority Health Equity Indicators for B.C.: Preventable and Treatable Premature Mortality – Report

Priority Health Equity Indicators for B.C.: Preventable and Treatable Premature Mortality – Report


I am pleased to announce the release of our new report Priority Health Equity Indicators for British Columbia: Preventable and Treatable Premature Mortality. Please click the links below.


Priority Health Equity Indicators for BC report

Priority Health Equity Indicators for BC infographic





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