Webinar: “UBC’s Learning for Life: Teaching Kids to Navigate Online Health Information and Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours”

The Public Health Association of BC, the BC Health Literacy Network and the Centre for Collaboration, Motivation, and Innovation presented a 1-hour webinar plus Q & A. The webinar, titled “UBC’s Learning for Life: Teaching Kids to Navigate Online Health Information  and Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours” took place on April 24th, and we are pleased to offer the video of the webinar for those who missed it.

Learning for Life is a dynamic, accessible, ready-to-use resource for grade 4-7 classrooms, developed by UBC’s Faculty of Medicine. This evidence-based resource has lesson plans for teachers and an interactive online resource for students. Learning for Life builds digital health literacy skills by teaching students to critically assess online health information and how to balance ‘screen time’ with healthy behaviours. The resources facilitate learning around five fundamental healthy behaviours: physical activity, healthy eating, sleep hygiene, stress management and social connectedness. Learning for Life seamlessly integrates into the new BC curriculum and extends curricular content.

This webinar session introduces Learning for Life and its resources, shares evidence of its impact on children’s health behaviours, and discusses how it integrates into everyday teaching.

View the video below.