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BC Community Health Service Area Health Profiles (Version 1.0)

User-friendly profiles are available for 195 Community Health Service Area across British Columbia (B.C.). Each profile features local data on demographics, socio-economic and health/disease status characteristics.

The Community Health Services Area (CHSA) Health Profiles were developed by the BC Centre for Disease Control, Provincial Health Services Authority, in support of the development of primary care networks (PCNs) and community-level healthy living strategies across B.C. The B.C. Ministry of Health’s primary prevention strategy recognizes the importance of local interests in supporting the creation of environments that promote healthy living.

These profiles will help inform primary care network partners, public health partners, local governments and community organizations on the health and well-being of their communities. As such, the profiles will continue to be updated as data and resources become available to address the changing needs of the communities. Thank you to all of our partners who have contributed to the development of these profiles.

View the The Community Health Services Area (CHSA) Health Profiles here: