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The Global Journal of Medicine and Public Health (GJMEDPH) was launched early in 2012. As noted in the inaugural editorial [1], as a new entry in the health science field, it aims to promote participation so that research and practice that is more sensitive to varying social, cultural and economic conditions around the world, has a fairer chance of being disseminated.

GJMEDPH [ISSN: 227-9604] is a bimonthly peer reviewed journal with an internationally diverse editorial board, coordinated by Editor in Chief Dr SM Kadri.  An open access journal, it is committed to rapid, low cost and accessible publication of relevant articles.

GJMEDPH welcomes on-line submissions from anywhere in the world. Types of article accepted include original papers, literature reviews, case reports, and letters to the editor.

For further information on GJMEDPH visit the website at

Source: Franklin White MD, Executive Editor GJMEDPH; President, Pacific Health & Development Sciences Inc., Victoria BC; Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health & Social Policy, University of Victoria; Adjunct Professor, Community Health & Epidemiology, Dalhousie University; Associate Universalia Management Group (Ottawa, Montreal).

1. White F. Launching the Global Journal of Public Health (inaugural editorial) GJMEDPH, 2012; 1(1) 1-2.  Accessed August 15, 2012.