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Green New Deal Policy Framework

Help us create a greener Canada for future generations!



As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, there is no better time than now to plan for a Just Recovery and create a new political economy in Canada.


On April 23, Noam Chomsky (well know philosopher and linguist from MIT) said: “Some version of a Green New Deal is essential for our survival” and further, “A Green New Deal is practical, doable and affordable”. Dr. John Millar (former Provincial Health Officer for BC) says “A Green New Deal for Canada is the greatest opportunity of our time to improve the health of Canadians”.


Motion M-1: a Green New Deal for Canada has been filed by NDP MP Peter Julian in parliament on Dec, 2019. If passed into legislation this Private Member’s Bill will provide the means to lead and coordinate our governments at all levels to urgently take action on:

  1. Climate change: transformation from fossil-fuel dependence to renewable energy.
  2. Reducing socioeconomic inequality: an end to the high concentration of corporate and individual wealth, persistent poverty, homelessness and ‘diseases of despair’)
  3. Strengthening democracy

And thus providing the leadership, resources and accountability to create a new reality: a green, sustainable, prosperous economy fairly shared among a physically and mentally healthy population of Canadians.


There is already considerable support for M-1. Over 60 MPs have already signed on. Another 100 or so need to be recruited to ensure its support and passage.


Please follow the link below to find all information relating to M-1, including all the tools that will enable each and every public health worker and others across the country to get the signatures of supportive citizens on a petition that will encourage MPs from ALL parties to support M-1.


I encourage everybody to get involved and take these steps to get M-1 passed.


Sincerely yours,

Dr. John Millar


Please address any queries to me.