An Inter-sectoral Approach for Improving Health Literacy for Canadians(2012).

In 2008 an Expert Panel on Health Literacy led by the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) produced a report titled A Vision for a Health Literate Canada. This report called for a pan-Canadian strategy for health literacy and the development of policies, programs and research to improve low health literacy levels as one important step towards reducing health disparities in Canada. Furthermore, it recommended the CPHA, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and Health Canada (HC) collectively provide leadership in supporting its recommended actions and promising approaches.

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The economic benefits of risk factor reduction in British Columbia: Excess weight, physical inactivity and tobacco smoking report

PHSA Population and Public Health, has published The economic benefits of risk factor reduction in British Columbia: Excess weight, physical inactivity and tobacco smoking report.

The report estimates the current provincial and regional prevalence rates of three chronic disease risk factors: excess weight (obesity and overweight), physical inactivity, and tobacco smoking, as well as the direct health-care costs and indirect productivity losses associated with each of the risk factors. Understanding the current costs of these risk factors and how these costs might change in coming years can help inform both immediate and long-term planning.

The study estimates that across BC in 2013, the annual economic burden attributable to these three risk factors totaled $5.6 billion: $1.8 billion in direct health-care costs and $3.8 billion due to disability and premature death. We estimate that if the prevalence of each of these three risk factors is reduced by a relative 1% annually until 2036, British Columbia could avoid a cumulative $15.0 billion in direct and indirect costs.

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PHSA Population and Public Health Program’s Annual Highlights

Annual Highlights 2014-15

The highlights provide an overview of the activities PHSA team has led, collaborated on, and supported over the past year. We thank our many partners who have collaborated with us in continuing to make strides towards collective action for enhancing the health and well-being of British Columbians through chronic disease prevention and population health initiatives.


Lydia Drasic
Executive Director,

BCCDC Operations &

Chronic Disease Prevention
BC Centre for Disease Control

Provincial Health Services Authority

The Role of Public health in Community-based primary healthcare

PHABC Position Paper

[In response to the BC Ministry of Health Paper: ‘ Primary and Community Care in BC: A Strategic Policy Framework 2015’]

by John Millar

PHABC Board Member

Public health Role in CBPHC May19 2015

Indigenous Sustainable Community Economic Development and Health Promotion Professional

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Public Health 101

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