IBoostImmunity and KidsBoostImmunity Named in Merck Patients First Awards

Merck Patients First Awards were presented in 2013, 2014/15 and 2017/18. The 2019/20 competition will follow a similar process, including formal communications and publication of winning entries (with consent) to support sharing of best practices in patient-centred care.
Nominations selected for an award were contacted in March 2020 and, with their permission, their stories will be subsequently published on this website as well as other Merck channels, including social media.
Congratulations to the following 2019/20 award recipients:
Act Locally, Vaccinate Globally – Public Health Association of BC
Online program makes learning a game and boosts global immunization
I Boost Immunity and Kids Boost Immunity are online learning platforms designed to raise vaccine literacy for children and adults. Users learn about immunization through a series of online quizzes and ‘earn’ lifesaving vaccines for children around the world through UNICEF Canada.