Health MA | PhD – Specializing in Health Policy and Equity, The Bigger Picture in Health

Application deadline: January 14, 2016

  • Emphasizes analysis and promotion of equity in health through public policy action
  • Directed at: the societal societal causes of inequalities in health; organization and delivery of health care; and how public policy can redress these issues
  • Critical and interdisciplinary

 Are you interested in exploring questions of equity in health? Our innovative program addresses the intersections between key determinants of health equity including gender, poverty, age, ethnicity, immigrant or refugee status, disability and social exclusion and social structures and organization.

 Would you like to undertake research in the social and economic dynamics that underlie health inequities at global and local levels, including those of human rights?

 Did you know that our program integrates courses from other disciplines including law, political science, philosophy, bioethics, sociology, economics, and psychology to examine such issues as employment and health status, ethics and biomedicine, and women’s health