Needs Assessment

Verification of Additional Core Competencies In Public Health for BC 2009

Prioritized core competencies essential to public health practice in British Columbia and beyond the nationally defined competencies of PHAC’s Release 1.0 have been outlined and expanded upon within this document.

Needs Assessment Technical Document – 2008

Accompanying document to the needs assessment final report. This document details the specific knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required in the community capacity building competency area. The core competencies for public health are then linked to the core programs within the BC Framework for Core Functions in Public Health.

Needs Assessment Final Report, BC Core Competencies Project

A needs assessment was conducted where the competencies outlined by PHAC (Release 1.0) were affirmed as relevant in BC in addition to other competencies including community capacity building, competency enforcement, inter-professional collaboration, the application of new technology, knowledge exchange, health literacy and health ethics. Public health core competencies were appropriately linked to the core programs within the Ministry of Health’s Core Functions Framework.