Public Health Core Competency Development

BC Opportunities

Rapid Fire Poster Presentations

Addressing Health Inequity through Audio-visual Resources – Dr. Andrew J. Macnab and Estelle Paget Download Poster Connecting Public and Primary Health care: Delivering the multi-disciplinary, population-based Fall Prevention Mobile Clinic to seniors in the Fraser Health region- Fabio Feldman, Ashley Collins and Ming Leung Download Poster The Interior Health Prenatal Registry: Linking Primary Care and Public…

Evaluation Power Points

Lovato, Evaluation Introduction Presentation Wayne Mitic, PHABC Logic Models Presentation Niks, Bruckmann and Lansdowne, Social Support, July 27 Niks, Lansdowne and Bruckmann, Evaluation Session July 27 Collins and Sandrelli, Developmental Evaluation Presentation Thank Yous! Allen, Pitman and Bell-Lowther, Healthier Schools Tillotson, Innovative Evaluation Evaluation Introduction, Summer School


Activity Instructions for July 27 – Bruckmann, Lansdowne and Niks Garden framework – ANSWER KEY– Bruckmann, Landowne and Niks Exercise 1, Garden Framework, July 27 – Bruckmann, Lansdowne and Niks Sandrelli and Collins, Pulse Check Sandrelli and Collins, Exercise 1 Sandrelli and Collins, Exercise 2 Indicator Rating Activity Tillotson, Purposeful Change

Health Communication Power Points

Link to Resources: Guides to Effective Storytelling Dan Reist PREZI Presentation Dr. Ian Pike, BCPHA Summer School Presentation Reading Suggestions from Dr. Balka Updated, Healy Storytelling, 2012 Stanwick, Summer School Tanning Balka, Health Communication and Technology Healy, Storytelling Presentation Brown and Grover, Strategies Presentation Brown and Grover, Healthier Communities, News Release Thank Yous! Park, It`s Different…


West Nile Poster – For Analysis – For Larry Hershfield`s Presentation – July 24 Message Review, 1-page Tool Only – For Larry Hershfield`s Presentation, July 24 Message Review, 7 pager (Full context + 1-page Tool) – For Larry Hershfield`s Presentation, July 24

Evaluation – Readings

Evaluation at a Glance Tool Spash and Ripple Guide to Measurement and Outcomes – Splash and Ripple Guide – SMART Fund