Public Health Core Competency Development

2011 PHABC Conference

Psilocybin Assisted Therapy for Survivors of Residential Schools that Experience PTSD Symptoms

Rapid Fire Poster….  

Perceptions of Behaviour and Risk Among People Who Smoke Crack Cocaine in Vancouver

Rapid Fire Poster. Ellison Richmond

Community Approach to Health and Well-Being at Simon Fraser University

Rapid Fire Poster. SFU – Alisa Stanton  

Health Promoting Secondary Schools: Creating Supportive Learning Environments to Develop Personal Skills

Rapid fire poster. Patti-Jean Naylor

Ballroom B, Paper Presentation, Creating Supportive Environments to Support Child and Youth Mental Health: BC Mental Health and Addiction Services ‘Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre’, Tugwell and Tse

Kindly shared by presenters…. Supportive Environments, Ballroom B, Tugwell and Tse

Call for Graduate Student Research / Project Posters

All graduate students involved in the broad disciplines of health, policy, community development, etc. are encouraged to submit their posters for inclusion in the PHABC Conference. October 31, 2011 deadline. Call for Graduate Student Research – Project Posters