Resolution: 2008-01 – INEQUITIES

WHEREAS health inequities are widely recognized as a growing concern for the health of populations,

WHEREAS health inequities arise as a result of political, social, and economic forces that shape our lives and a focus on health equity calls for addressing the determinants of health that put particular social groups at a disadvantage for positive health outcomes.

WHEREAS addressing poverty and income inequalities are fundamental to improving the health status of all British Columbians,

BE IT RESOLVED that the Public Health Association of British Columbia identify and advocate for the development and implementation of a provincial plan to address health inequities and, where possible, to collaborate with government, professional associations, community groups and other organizations to reduce health inequities.

Darryl Quantz – Sponsor

Debbie Leach – Sponsor

Dated: October 29, 2008

Download: Resolution on Inequities 2008