Rise Up!


The Rise Up! Strengthening Food Systems and Environmental Stewardship project was launched in Fall of 2023 by PHABC, in partnership with CityHive and MeaningfulWork .

This project aims to engage youth aged 15-30 from across BC in their local food systems through meaningful service placements, education, networking opportunities and community events.

Drawing on PHABC’s networks with Farm to School BC, the BC Chapter of the Coalition for Healthy School Food and Community Garden Roots (Formerly Can You Dig It), as well as 13 partner organizations, volunteers were matched with a number of impact-driven food systems organizations across the province to support them in their ongoing work or conduct unique projects.

Rise Up! Strengthening Food Systems and Environmental Stewardship is funded by the Government of Canada under the Canada Service Corps. Rise up! Strengthening Food Systems and Environmental Management is funded by the Government of Canada through Canada Service Corps. And the Food Security (Provincial Initiatives) Fund through the Victoria Foundation.



PHABC is privileged to have been able to launch the Rise Up! Strengthening Food Systems and Environmental Stewardship project and facilitate meaningful learning and connection for BC youth.

PHABC is pleased to present the Rise Up! report, which was co-developed with CityHive.

The report highlights: program goals and objectives; program activities; the Rise Up! youth retreat; the PHABC Rise Up! digital platform; project impact for both youth and host organizations; and future opportunities and program sustainability.

The report also features original photography taken at the Rise Up! youth retreat.

Thank you to all of our partners, funders and staff who made the project possible.


Youth Retreat

The Rise Up! youth retreat provided an opportunity for participants from across the province to build connections and learn amongst each other.

Through land-based learning activities, presentations from engaging guest speakers and knowledge keepers, and intentional reflection, youth left the retreat with new skills, perspectives and career insights that will support them to become community food system leaders.

You can download the youth retreat program below.

You can also learn more about the youth retreat by downloading the report above.




The following videos captures major highlights of the Rise Up! Youth Retreat on Nanaimo. It features interviews with youth, and the following PHABC staff:

  • Shannon Turner, Executive Director (PHABC)
  • Richard Han, Director of Community Engagement and Food Systems (PHABC)
  • Taylor Sacré, Project Coordinator (PHABC)
  • Marcus Lobb, Provincial Manager (Farm to School BC)

Watch all five videos below:







Below are some original digital and film photography taken at the Rise Up! Youth Retreat. To view all photos, download the report.