Professional Development


Educational and Training Opportunities Await!


Please explore this section of the website to see what educational events and learning opportunities are available to you as a public health workforce member (Executives, managers, team leaders, researchers, front line practitioners and new graduates included).

If you have completed a core competency self-assessment found in the “Tools” section, you should have a clear idea of what your personal learning needs and performance goals are.

Take the time to look at the currently available educational and training options that have been categorized into three categories:”BC Opportunities”, “National Opportunities” and “International Oppotunities”. Many professional development opportunities are relevant and helpful for frontline providers, consultants/specialists and managers/supervisors alike.

Professional development opportunities include:

  • Online learning modules
  • Webinars
  • Journal clubs
  • In-person workshops
  • University-based course work
  • Practice-based learning / mentorship
  • Seminars, summer schools & institutes
  • Conferences

** Please note that internationally developed public health core competency materials and learning opportunities are based on core competency standards and definitions that may differ from the nationally defined competencies in Canada.

Please contact the PHABC at if you have a public health professional development opportunity that you would like to share on this website.

 “Our national aim should be to produce a cadre of outstanding public health professionals who are adequately qualified and compensated, and who have clear roles, responsibilities and career paths.” p.136, Learning from SARS – Renewal of Public Health in Canada

CONGRATULATIONS! YOUR HAVE COMPLETED YOUR ORIENTATION TO THE PUBLIC HEALTH CORE COMPETENCIES. Best wishes in your continued personal reflection and professional development along your career path. You are a valued member of the public health workforce.