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PH Core Functions S14

The framework, which was shared with Leadership Council earlier this year, identifies core programs for public health and the key strategies available for their implementation.
The process includes the creation of clear goals, measurable objectives, and an evidentiary base that shows it can improve people’s health and prevent disease, disability and injury in a cost-effective manner. Core programs will be supported through the identification of best practices and national and international benchmarks.
This process, with related roles and responsibilities and work products are described in the Project Charter. The Project Charter and the monitoring tool have been developed in collaboration with PMID. Currently the Charter is with Patricia for review.
The Ministry is contracting experts to develop the evidence papers for the 20 identified core programs. In some cases these contracts are with organizations such as the BC Centre for Disease Control. It is intended these papers will be completed by end of fiscal.
A test website has been created with plans for it to go public in the New Year. This website will have all the resource materials and linkages to performance improvement processes. The intent is to provide the technical support to health professionals and the public in accessing related health status data, the evidence and best practice information, health policy and legislation, benchmarks and performance indicators. Ultimately it is hoped there will be a link to the health authority web pages where they have posted their performance improvement plans related to core programs.

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