Ready, Set, Move! EverybodyMoves Webinar

We are excited to announce that BC Alliance for Healthy Living (BCAHL) and the Physical Activity for Health Collaborative have launched the much anticipated EverybodyMoves Resource Hub!

The Hub is a one-stop shop for sport and recreation leaders who want to ensure physical activity is as inclusive and accessible as possible.

Physical activity is vital for one’s health, and yet we know many British Columbians face visible and invisible barriers to regular activity.

For example, nearly half of adults with disabilities don’t get any aerobic physical activity, and people identifying as lesbian, gay and bisexual of all ages are less likely to participate in sports. In 2020 it was reported that 60% of Canadian children and youth did not meet physical activity guidelines.

The consequences for not being physically active are serious. People who don’t engage in physical activity are more likely to have increased mental and emotional health issuesdecreased immune function and inflammation, and are more at risk for developing chronic illnesses.

BC clearly needs solutions to get us all active, and the EverybodyMoves Resource Hub is part of the answer!

BCAHL is pleased to host a webinar to introduce the EverybodyMoves Resource Hub to sports and recreation leaders. In the webinar, you will learn:

  • how to use the Hub
  • how to submit a resource
  • how to assess what resources your organization may need to be as inclusive and accessible as possible
  • how to stay up-to-date on the Hub and inclusivity and accessibility within physical activity
  • about the Physical Activity for Health Collaborative


Rita Koutsodimos is the Executive Director of the British Columbia Alliance for Healthy Living (BCAHL). BCAHL is a non-profit organization that promotes healthy living to prevent chronic disease by mobilizing leading health organizations to collaborate on health policy and programs throughout British Columbia.

Selenna Ho is the Manager of Communications and Projects at BCAHL. Selenna has been leading the development and launch of the EverybodyMoves Resource Hub and is thrilled to see the Hub go live. Selenna also has experience working at magazine publishing and radio studios, and enjoys hot yoga and ballet in her free time.

Go HERE to view the Resource Hub.