Assess, Act, Achieve!

Please explore this section of the website to access tools that will assist you as a frontline provider, consultant/specialist or manager/supervisor to assess your personal public health core competency knowledge, skills and attitudes. As a public health manager or supervisor, you may also be assessing the core competencies of your staff.

By using the tools provided in ‘Tools’ drop-down menu above, you can work towards identifying and prioritizing your individual or staff learning needs and professional development requirements.


  • Public health employee competency profiles have been developed with reference to the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Core Competencies for Public Health in Canada, Release 1.0 to clarify the varying levels and mixtures of competencies that different public health professionals are expected to have for their different roles. To view these competency profiles, see:  Managers/Supervisors
  • A Competency-Based Employee Performance Management  e-Learning Module and Toolkit have been developed to help chart national core competencies in relation to public health roles and responsibilites and can be used as a helpful performance planning or management resource.

For more information about the Management learning module, see:

For more information about the Performance Management learning toolkit, see:

The BC Core Competencies Project Employee and Employer Self-Assessment Tools have also been included in this section. These tools are adaptable to suit any core competency area. Initial development and piloting of these tools focused on ‘Community Capacity Building’ and ‘Leadership for All’ competency areas and can be implemented at a regional or provincial level.

*** Please move to the “Resource Connections” (STEP 4) section to learn more about the comprehensive research, reports and frameworks that have been developed in support of core competencies across Canada: Resources