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Public Health and COVID-19: Shifting to Recovery

PHABC is continually adding new resources and information now that we are in Phase 2 of BC’s Restart Plan we would like to shift focus on our PlaceSpeak consultation and begin to provide resources on safe COVID-19 recovery strategies, ongoing financial support, preparing for a potential second wave, and more. We are asking participants to share their feelings and/or concerns about the plans that have been put in place. To facilitate that we have updated a number of features, including:

  • Our new Poll questions asks how comfortable you are sending your children back to class
  • Our new Resources include information on: just recovery, ongoing financial support, ongoing mental health support, planning for a second wave, heading back to class, back to work, etc.
  • Our Discussion question asking how you feel about BC opening up again is still live and we would love to hear your thoughts
  • Check out our Noticeboard section and let us know how phase 2 of BC’s recovery plan is going for you.
  • Our online will keep you entertained if you personally are not quite ready to enter in to phase 2

As always we will be sharing the daily BC Update on our main page and ensure that all information is kept up to date and relevant for British Columbians.