Press Advisory – Future of Public Health in BC


April 3rd , 2017


BRITISH COLUMBIA – The Public Health Association of BC is non-partisan, voluntary, non-profit, member driven organization that provides leadership to promote health, well-being and social equity. From a public health perspective, social, economic, and environmental conditions should promote optimal health, and all citizens have a right to opportunities for success and prosperity.

PHABC has partnered with PlaceSpeak a digital platform whose mission is to facilitate legitimate and defensible online citizen engagement processes by connecting the digital identity of participants to their physical location.

The coming Provincial election is an opportunity for general public and public health professionals in BC to advocate for policies that will improve the health of the population. Click here to link to PlaceSpeak.

PHABC is interested in speaking with all British Columbians about their interest in the future of healthy public policy, public health services and ensuring that we have conditions that support health for all.

For more information about PHABC’s activities or to find out more about #InvestInPublicHealth contact:

Shannon Turner

PHABC Executive Director