Community Food Action S13

Role and Mandate

1. Corporate Governance and Management – governing, managing and funding agencies/programs that provide province-wide services such as BC Cancer Agency, Children’s and Women’s Hospitals, Riverview and Forensics, Renal, BCCDC and Transplant Services.

2. Planning and Coordinating specified programs and services such as Cardiac, Emergency, Trauma, Surgical, Telehealth, Thoracic Surgery and Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS.

Supporting the work of the Ministry of Health and the Regional Health Authorities through knowledge brokering and facilitating province wide dialogue.
Prevention, Promotion, Protection Strategic Direction
Expand PHSA’s role as “knowledge resource” for the province by creating capacity to link and use evidence and health information to decrease the burden of chronic disease and to support policy development
Collaborate with other Ministries, municipalities, voluntary and private sectors and the regional Health Authorities to promote active healthy living and healthy public policy
Continue to increase the emphasis on prevention, promotion and protection to reduce the burden of disease

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