Public Health Human Resource Planning and Workforce

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  • National PHHR Task Group
  • PHAC HR Strategies, National PH Competency project
  • National HHR activities
  • National Aboriginal HHR activities
  • National Public Health Collaborating Centres
  • Western provinces collaborative on HHR planning
  • Canadian Nurses Association – Public Health Nurse certification and competency development
  • Environmental Health Officer competency development
  • Epidemiologists competency development
  • MoH HHR Annual Plan
  • MoH HHR Special Advisor being hired
  • UBC and SFU Schools of Public Health developing
  • BCIT – Environmental Health Officer program development
  • RHA Gap Analyses
  • PHABC Public Health Capacity Assessment
  • PHW initiatives to develop workers e.g. Tobacco Officer and Licensing Officer professional development
  • Core Public Health Programs – Provincial Services initiative

Activity Areas

  1. Planning the workforce
  2. Developing the workforce
  3. Organizing the workforce
  4. Recruitment and retention

Planning for the workforce

  • Define and monitor the workforce
  • Develop a database public health workers and needs
  • Develop planning strategies, tools, and models, including emergency planning for surge capacity needs
  • Contribute to annual MoH HHR plan
  • Liaise with other HHR planning initiatives and other PHHR planners
  • Evaluate progress