Public Health and PHC in PHSA

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PHSA strategic direction:

Prevention, Promotion, Protection

Expand our role as “knowledge resource” for the province by creating the capacity to link and use health information to reduce the burden of disease associated with chronic disease and support policy development.

Collaborate with other Ministries, municipalities, the voluntary and private sector and the regional health authorities to promote active healthy living and healthy public policy for British Columbians.

Gradually increase our emphasis on prevention, promotion and protection.

Strategic Direction: PPP

  1. Surveillance: link & use data and information to reduce the burden of chronic disease (prevention and control). Registries and databases in PHSA, the MoH, and other agencies such as CIHI & STC linked for various purposes:
    • Primary prevention – data on SES, health behaviours linked with utilization and outcomes data for planning purposes
      1. Injury prevention & control
      2. Cardiac/renal/diabetes (Hi5) – obesity, nutrition, physical activity, tobacco data linked to burden of disease, PCI/CABG outcomes, ACS care.
  • Primary health care – supporting local population-based initiatives
  • Secondary prevention –
    • AMI care
    • DM care/renal care
    • Cancer screening

Collaboration with other agencies to promote active healthy living: development of knowledge products and knowledge translation processes in tobacco, healthy weights, nutrition and physical activity.

  • Tobacco:
    • Cessation
    • Taxation/enforcement
    • Second-hand smoke
    • workplace wellness
  • Healthy weights:
    • Consumer trends
    • Food security
    • Built environment
    • Healthy urban planning guidelines
    • Workplace wellness

Other collaborations

  • BC Population Health network
  • BC Healthy Living Alliance
  • Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy
  • Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention and Control Expert Group (PHAC)
  • Canadian Population Health Initiative (CIHI)
  • International projects – OECD, etc

Strategic Direction: System-wide improvements

Develop networks in collaboration with RHAs in order to integrate quality care, provide equitable access and offer consistent standards for specific populations:

  • PHC projects
    • Renal
    • Obstetrics
    • Women’s health
  • Shared care projects
    • Penticton, Quesnel, Fraser , PG, BCCDC
  • PHC data supports
    • Sooke, UBC, Richmond