Best Brains Exchange: Strengthening the Mental Wellness of Children and Youth in BC

Best Brains Exchange: Strengthening the Mental Wellness of Children and Youth in BC

In partnership with the BCCDC Foundation for Public Health

PHABC - Public Health Association of BC

Hosted by PHABC

April 4th & 5th, 2023


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Day 1 – April 4th, 2023

Overview & History: Mental Wellness and Public Health

Child Mental Wellbeing, Crucial Roles for Public Health – Dr. Charlotte Waddell

Overview of the Literature – Dr. Simon Carroll

Session 1: Surveillance & Systems

Positive Mental Health Along the Life Course of Children, Youth, and Emerging Adults – Dr. Mariana Brussoni

Monitoring Positive Mental Health Across the Life Course – Dr. Heather Orpana and Melanie Varin

Collaborating with Schools to Monitor and Support Youth Mental Health and Wellbeing – Dr. Hasina Samji

Social Listening Project in BC – Lucy Lavery

Session 2: Prevention

Implementing a Social Emotional Learning Program in the Context of BC – Dr. Jenna Whitehead

Shifting Prevention Strategies to Successful Implementation in Varying Contexts – Dr. Bonnie Leadbeater

Day 2 – April 5th, 2023

Session 3: Promotion

Mental Health Promotion, a Vision for the Future – Dr. Margaret Barry

The Agenda Gap, Youth Engagement in Policy Design – Dr. Emily Jenkins

Youth Engagement in Mental Health Promotion – Annie Smith

Session 4: Protection

Linking Child Rights and Child Development – Dr. Ziba Vaghri

Two Eyed Seeing in Public Health to Protect Children and Youth in Digital Spaces – Dr. Johanna Sam

Healthy Environments and their Impact on Children’s Resilience to Stress – Dr. Michael Ungar

Miro Board Breakout Links

Overview & History

Session 1: Surveillance & Systems

Session 2: Prevention

Session 3: Promotion

Session 4: Protection

Graphic Facilitation Notes by Dr. Theresa Healy

Other Important Resources

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