2019 Conference Presentations

Public Health Association of British Columbia’s

Annual Conference & AGM

PHABC - Public Health Association of BC

Simplifying Complexity:

Public Health Approaches & Practice in Complex Systems

November 14th & 15th, 2019
Sutton Place Hotel
845 Burrard St
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 2K6


*More presentations will be added as permission is received from author(s). We will never post a presentation without express permission.

Day 1 – November 14th, 2019

Introduction to Complex Adaptive Systems

Simplifying Complexity: Public Health Approaches and Practice in Complex Systems – Dr. Marjorie MacDonald


Honorary Dr. John F Blatherwick Lecture



Oral Presentations

Research Capacity Building in Zambia by the World Health Organization Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases – Vivian Tsang

Animating the Farm to School BC Movement – Richard Han, Margo Peill, Addie de Candole

A Conceptual Framework for Guiding Implementation of Public Health Interventions – Dr. Marjorie MacDonald, Dr. Bernie Pauly, Thea van Roode, Heather Strosher

Artificial Turf: Contributions and limits of health research in decision making – Dr. Angela Eykelbosh





Afternoon Plenary Session



Poster Presentations

Take Home Drug Checking in British Columbia – Karmen Olson

Applying a Systems Lens to Promote Immunization in Newcomers to Canada: A Spotlight on the PHAC Kiosk Pilot Project ad YVR Airport – Sarah Bonnell, Raman Sandhu

Introducing a New Health Indicator for British Columbia: Chronic Disease Multimorbidity – Crystal Li, Drona Rasali, Caren Rose, David Roth, Sylvia EI Kurdi, Kristin Weatherall

Connect 2 Care: Evaluation of a care coordination and community outreach program for socially vulnerable patients – Hasham Kamran, Alicia Polachek, Gabe Fabreau, Kerry McBrien


Day 2 – November 15th, 2019


Morning Plenary Session

Wicked Problems and Health Equity – Val Morrison


Oral Presentations

Fall-Related Deaths Among Older Adults in British Columbia: Cause and Effect of Policy Change – Denise Beaton  (supplement: Injury Insight – Falls Mortality)

Navigating the Complex Boundaries of Support and Stigma with an
Invisible Injury: Factors that aid or delay recovery and return-to work
following concussion – Denise Beaton (presentation not available online, supplement: Concussion Resources for Workers & Workplaces)

The Use of Systems Thinking in Public Health Strategy Design – Joslyn Trowbridge

Untangling the Complexity of Food Security to Develop Provincial-Level Indicators – Melanie Kurrein, Dr. Barbara Seed

Shifting the Discourse on Household Food Insecurity: Reflections on navigating the complexities of food security – Henry Lau, Melanie Kurrein



Resolving Wicked Problems: Practical Approaches – Val Morrison


Honorary Dr. Trevor Hancock Lecture