2018 Conference Presentations

Public Health Association of British Columbia’s

Annual Conference & AGM

PHABC - Public Health Association of BC

Building Safe & Inclusive Communities:

The Public Health Approach

November 15th & 16th, 2018
Sutton Place Hotel
845 Burrard St
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 2K6


*More presentations will be added as permission is received from author(s). We will never post a presentation without express permission.


Day 1 – November 15th, 2018


Honorary Dr. John F Blatherwick Lecture

Dr. Irvin Waller – Smarter Crime Control: A guide to a safe future for citizens, communities and politicians

Dr. Arturo Cervantes – Building Safe & Inclusive Communities: The Public Health Approach

Rachel Davis – Adverse Community Experiences and Resilience: Preventing Community Trauma as Equity in Practice

Bridget Penhale – Promising Practices in Elder Abuse if you are interested in discussing more please email: B.Penhale@uea.ac.uk


Oral Presentations

Dr. Paul Hasselback – Nanaimo’s Tent City: Lessons learned – and a few regrets

Brittany Graham, Ron Khuelke & Robert Powell – Understanding EIDGE: A peer research project exploring illicit alcohol use in the DTES

Nicole Parekh & Carly Welham – Harm Reduction and Colour Theory:The process and impacts of redesigning a supervised injection service room

Stephanie Martin, Karen Forsyth & Annie Smith – Engaging Experiential Youth in Community-based Research to Improve Youth Health

Annie Smith & Stephanie Martin – Adapting a UK Deprivation Index for Use with Young People in BC





Afternoon Plenary Session

Dr. Bernie Pauly – Safe and Inclusive Communities: Application of an Equity Lens in BC


Poster Presentations

Melanie Kurrein, Henry Lau , Meridith Sones, Tania Morrison, & Sarah Gustin – Dissemination of the Evidence on the Cost of Healthy Eating in BC

Dr. Darlene Taylor, Casey Hamilton, Dr. Joan Bottorff – Food Insecurity among University Students: Choosing between education and food

Amelia Hamfelt & Kendra Milne – Social Inclusion: The Key Determinant of Mental Wellness

Stephanie Martin, Karen Forsyth & Annie Smith – BC Adolescent Health Survey Update

Annie Smith – Leveraging A Mega Sporting Event To Address Public Health Outcomes


Day 2 – November 16th, 2018


Morning Plenary Session

Shelly Crack & Jenny Cross – Local Food to School Program on Haida Gwaii


Oral Presentations

Tara Fitzgerald & Dr. Paul Hasselback – Responding to the Overdose Crisis in Small & Medium Sized BC Communities

Rosalind Baltzer Turje, Sean Grieve, Bernard Andreason & April Vallee – Tips and Training for SIS Service Providers from Peer Collaborators

Dr. Gerald Thomas & Dan Reist – Cannabis legalization: guides for schools & communities

Darren Ho – Stigmatized Sex: Barriers to Health for Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men who Have Sex with Men (gbMSM)

Dr. Ebele Mọgọ, Dr. Keiko Shikako-Thomas, Dr. Annette Majnemer & Dr. Jonathan Lai – Using a Rapid Review Process to Engage Stakeholders, Inform Policy and Set Priorities for Promoting Inclusive Physical & Leisure Participation in BC

Rita Koutsodimos – Communities on the Move: Smart, fair and healthy transportation options for all BC communities

Barbara Lindsay & Heather Cowie – Challenging Stigma and Working towards a more Dementia-friendly British Columbia

Darby Eakins, Jana Archer, Angela Wignall – Caring for Care Providers: Co-Designing a Peer Support Model in Health Care

Vivian Tsang, Alexis Crabtree, Dr. Jane Buxton, & Kristi Papamihali – Acceptability and Accessibility of Non-Contact Respiratory Monitors for People Who Use Drugs



Mary Crocker – Red Cross Respect Education: Equipping social first responders in schools and communities

Ajil Johal – Recommended but Underfunded Vaccines: Creating health equity amongst those vulnerable to vaccine preventable diseases (Seniors & Influenza Educational Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmQN4JRVkUs&t=3s)

Dan Reist – From Avoiding Risk to Nurturing Resilience: Shifting our upstream approach to youth substance use

Shannon Clarke & Mariah Robinson – Active Communities Grant Program: Interior and island health regions

Samantha Hartley-Folz – Mind Fit: Activity as early intervention for low mood

Sana Fakih – Setting the Stage for Lifelong Healthy Behaviour: An Overview of Appetite to Play


Honorary Dr. Trevor Hancock Lecture

Dr. Arturo Cervantes – Road Safety in Mexico

Dr. Mariana Brussoni – Outdoor Risky Play

Neil Arason – Vision Zero & the Safe System Approach in Road Safety