Planning for Food Security—A Toolkit for the COVID-19 Pandemic

First Nations Health Authority has released its’ Planning for Food Security—A Toolkit for the COVID-19 Pandemic.

“Since time immemorial, First Nations people in BC have had intimate and long-standing relationships with the land, forests, oceans and waters, creating vibrant and sustainable food systems. All aspects of life supported a sustainable and safe food system that relied upon hunting, fishing, gathering, preserving, storing, distributing, trading and more.

Stories shared and Indigenous methods of research show that individuals, families and communities did not worry about long-term food security and were prepared in the event of short-term food shortages. Colonialism, the Indian Act, reserve systems and ongoing colonial policies have had devastating impacts on Indigenous food systems in BC and across Canada. Other pressures such as industrialization, population levels and environmental impacts mean that today’s food system is very different than it was for our ancestors.

During a global pandemic such as the one we are currently experiencing, food systems can be disrupted and lead to additional food security challenges for communities. There is an opportunity, however, to take more control over the community-level food system. With this toolkit, your community can make short-, medium- and long-term plans for food security using a food systems approach. This toolkit includes ideas, templates, tools and information to support your planning.”

View the entire Toolkit HERE.