Shannon Turner – Director-at-Large

Shannon TurnerShannon Turner, BA,Bsc, MSc, PhDc,  is National Co-Chair of Prevention of Violence Canada. Shannon was a founding co-chair and is again serving in this role. A committed member of the Global Violence Prevention Alliance, Shannon has served on the Working Group for the Assets Database and participated in numerous VPA meetings and conferences.  A lifelong commitment to social justice is reflected in Shannon’s nearly continuous volunteer and advocacy efforts over the last twenty years. Shannon is serving a fourth non consecutive term on the Board of the Canadian Public Health Association.

She has also served as President, Past President, of the Public Health Association of BC. Shannon Turner, has served as a foster parent, and is an honorary life member of the Vancouver Island Cooperative Preschool Association.

Prior to undertaking full time Doctoral studies Shannon was Director of Public Health for the Vancouver Island Health Authority. In both her professional and personal life Shannon has been dedicated to the promotion of healthy communities, and social justice. For more than 25 years she has supported quality improvement activities across the health care continuum from local to international levels of governance. Shannon has provided decision support, health promotion, program management, information management, risk management, quality improvement and strategic planning consultant services. As a health promotion and health informatics consultant, Shannon has worked in multiple cross cultural settings and has had a commitment to reducing health inequities particularly for indigenous people. Shannon served as a keynote in an international Speaking Tour in Sweden and Latvia in 1994 and 1996 and in 2008, she facilitated a thirteen country meeting in Uganda on behalf of the East, Central and South African Public Health Associations.

Shannon has been named to the Delta Omega Society for outstanding contribution to public health by the University of Hawaii. In 2008, she was awarded the James M. Robinson Award (UBC Public Health) for her significant contributions to public health. In 2009, she was presented with the President’s Award by the Public Health Association of BC for her work in rebuilding and renewing the association.