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Angeza Mohammed, MPH

Manager, Integrated Risk Management, Provincial Health Services Authority

Angeza holds a Master of Public Health in Social Policy from the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Simon Fraser University. Angeza has developed many reports and documents during her academic career which included co-authoring a report on the Shale Gas industry and its impacts on the social determinants of health and developing a health equity evaluation tool as part of her culminating project for the Provincial Health Services Authority’s Population and Public Health program to just name a few. Over the last 8 years, both academically and professionally, Angeza has continued to pursue her passion for public health, health equity and leadership across BC.

Angeza is currently the Manager of the Integrated Risk Management initiative at the Provincial Health Services Authority in British Columbia. In her role, she is responsible for the implementation of the Integrated Risk Management Framework across the entire organization and all leadership levels (from the Board of Directors to mid-level management), which spans across the whole Province and includes multiple Agencies, Programs and Services. The integrated risk management initiative applies promotion and prevention principles to ensuring all risks are identified and mitigated to promote the health outcomes of patients and staff within the organization, as well as, prevent any adverse events from occurring.

Angeza has volunteered with many organizations over the last 9 years, some of which include the Canadian Red Cross, Public Health Association of BC, Canadian Blood Services of BC, Elizabeth Fry Society and many more. Angeza has a passion for public health and mentorship which led her to develop a mentorship toolkit for the Public Health Association of BC in 2016 in order to allow experienced public health professionals shares their knowledge and guidance with up and coming public health professionals across many areas of public health across BC and Canada.

In her personal time, Angeza enjoys spending time with her family, reading and watching true crime murder mysteries!