Alexander Frame – Director-at-Large

Alexander FrameAlexander Frame is a recent Medical Doctor following his keen interest in public health and preventative medicine since completing a Master of Health Science (Clinical Epidemiology) at UBC and a PHPM rotation at the BCCDC.  These areas are complemented by a strong background in health promotion via academia and professional experience in Kinesiology and Gerontology.  He presented his master’s thesis work on Clinical Guidelines for the Obesity Epidemic at the CPHA 2012 Annual Conference and was a scientific reviewer for the CPHA 2013 Annual Conference.  Further, he brings a keen interest in advocacy and policy projects, the most resent: Narcan kits for IVDU, and formulating VCH recommendations for tackling obesity in Canada.

Since 2012, he has been a member of the CPHA and PHABC.   Approximately one year ago, he joined the CPHA Student and Early Career Professional Committee where he has been active in finding new ways to promote CPHA membership.   This year, he joined the CPHA Public Health Steering Committee and Scientific Committee in planning the next innovative CPHA 2015 conference.  Given the changes implemented, the conference promises to encompass a broader base of public health professionals and provide greater emphasis on discussion-based learning.

Alex currently holds a faculty position within the undergraduate medical program at UBC where he is involved in the public health and medical education of medical students including, supervising and advising student initiated DPAS projects as well as the articulation of key principles of public health, research, ethics and patient advocacy.

In summary, Alex has wide-ranging experience matched with a profound interest in public health and, enhanced by a background in medicine, teaching and health promotion. A life-long learner, he continues to be on the frontline of advances in medical knowledge and, aspires to utilize public health education, in tandem with collaborative partnerships to promote and improve the health of all British Columbians.