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Explore what the Population Health Data Analysis Certificate (PHDA) can do for your career

Designed for health or social sciences professionals, the PHDA provides an excellent opportunity to revitalize your career, earn professional development credits* or get started in a rapidly diversifying field.
This unique program offers:

* A flexible, fully online format
* A diverse set of analytic courses
* *Applied Pro D training

Apply for the PHDA program or take up to two stand-alone courses listed below for professional development.

Want to develop and conduct your own project evaluation?

PHDA 06 Health Services Program Monitoring and Evaluation 

* Develop your own plan
* Differentiate monitoring and evaluation approaches and uses and identify considerations that influence the choice of approach
* Learn the role of theory in monitoring and evaluation and identify a theoretical basis for your plan
* Apply evaluation competencies and standards and appreciate ethical considerations throughout the monitoring and evaluation process
Interested in developing skills in the use of administrative data?

PHDA 01 Working with Administrative Data  

* Learn how admin data is used for research
* Develop a data dictionary for your data set
* Gain basic analytical skills using ‘real-world’ health data

Looking to understand the relationship between place and health?

PHDA 03 Population Health and Geographic Information Systems  

* Explore working with geographic data
* Learn analytic techniques for disease mapping, assessing population exposure to environmental pollutants, and measuring population access to health care services
* Practice hands-on skills using ‘real-world’ data

These fully online, non-credit courses are offered as a partnership between Population Data BC, the University of Victoria, Division of Continuing Studies and the Department of Geography.

Note: Registration is open until August 18th, subject to availability. Please review program eligibility requirements prior to applying.
*The skills acquired in PHDA courses align with the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals and are eligible for 10 Professional Development (CPE) credits with CHIMA and CIPHI.

For More information or to apply contact:

Maxine Reitsma, Program Coordinator UVic Continuing Studies
Phone: 250-721-8481

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