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October 15-21, 2017 is Teen Driver Safety Week!

Teen Driver Safety Week

October 15 – 21, 2017


Get Home Safe


Being a teenager is an exciting time in one’s life, and learning to drive can be both exciting and challenging.


While encouraging teens to hit the road, the BC Injury Research & Prevention Unit (BCIRPU) would like to remind everyone that young driver (aged 16-25) safety is a significant issue in BC. Youth are overrepresented in all road-related injuries and deaths.


Statistics show that on average each year in BC,

  • 28 young drivers die as a result of a Motor Vehicle Crash;
  • 71 people die from crashes involving young drivers;
  • 32,000 crashes where at least one youth (16 to 21) is involved (drivers and passengers)
  • Speeding, driving while impaired (by drugs or alcohol) and distracted diving (by texting or using other electronic devices) are main reasons for a large number of these injuries and deaths.


The good news is that these injuries are predictable and can be prevented through evidence-based interventions.


Here are a few Teen Driver Safety Week reminders for all of us:

  1. Mind your speed and exercise patience
  2. Don’t take drugs and drive
  3. Don’t drink and drive
  4. Have a designated driver when you party
  5. Don’t text and drive


For more resources on teen driver safety, please see the links below:

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ICBC’s tips for teaching your teen to be a safe driver

Encourage your friends and family to share this message through newsletters, websites, and social media. For more information on National Teen Driver Safety Week 2017, visit Share your safety tips and posts on social media with the hashtag #GetHomeSafe.