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The BC Healthy Connections Project:

An Exemplar of How Research Evidence Can Inform Nursing Practice

NEARR presentations are provided through sponsorship by InspireNet (Innovative Nursing Services & Practice Informed by Research & Evaluation Network (the Nursing Research network).

The recording of this presentation is available by following this link (join InspireNet first, if not yet a member):,

To join InspireNet and its NEARR Action Team (both free to join) in two easy steps:

1.   To join InspireNet, visit: and click the Join InspireNet link. (Do this a few days prior to the webinar.)

2.   To join the NEARR Action Team, click the My Teams button at the top of the web page and then click Please add me to

Once you have joined InspireNet and the NEARR Action Team, visit the following link ( before the lecture begins, or visit the Action Team’s webpage for details. If requested, use password Network1