Lara Frederick

Lara is a registered nurse working in Dawson Creek as the North East Preventive Public Health Program Lead. Lara completed her masters of nursing with a teaching stream through Athabasca University and conducted her research and final project on recruitment and retention of millennial nurses in rural and remote areas. Lara has taught at the Northern Lights College locally and enjoys online modalities of teaching and learning. Lara leads a team of Public Health Resource Nurses in the northeast region of Northern Health. With a focus on supporting the inter-professional teams at various level of integration, to the primary care model, Lara is keen to seek out innovative and creative solutions to challenges faced in this rural and remote sector of Northern Health.  Lara is also an avid paper-crafter and runs a business teaching others how to create and find balance through art therapy. Lara is interested in various aspects of leadership and constantly seeks out opportunities for personal and professional development.