Help Choose a Front-of-Package Nutrition Symbol for Canada!

Help Choose a Front-of-Package Nutrition Symbol for Canada!

Which Symbol Would Help you Avoid Unhealthy Choices?


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Here’s a sobering fact: in Canada an unhealthy diet is the leading risk for death. This may be due to the unfortunate fact that Canadians rank second in the world for the amount of ultra-processed—high calorie, nutritionally lacking—food and drinks we buy.



When it comes to our food choices, Canadians care about nutrition alongside cost and convenience. The problem lies in deciphering what’s healthy from what’s not during a rushed grocery shopping trip – it can be an impossible feat.


The good news: Health Canada is proposing a nutrition symbol on the front of food packages that will help us make healthier choices at a glance. Packaged food would be required to show simplified nutrition information on the front of the box, bag or can—making it easy to see whether a product contains high levels of sugar, salt or saturated fat, and compare with other products.


Don’t miss this opportunity! Health Canada wants to know what symbol you would find most helpful as part of the government’s public consultation.


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