The Regulation of Psychoactive Substances

PHABC has supported the efforts of a number of groups concerned with the current approach to the misuse of substances. PHABC has called for the adoption of a public health approach to the regulation of psychoactive substances.

Building on the report by the Health Officers Council of BC (HOC),  PHABC has taken a position that emphasizes not only the need for a change in the regulatory approach to psychoactive substances but that emphasizes the importance of early childhood development and health education as critical components of a comprehensive public health strategy to address substance misuse.

Read the HOC report.

Based on a request from the Sensible BC campaign that is concerned with the decriminalization of marijuana, PHABC’s Policy Advocacy Research Committee (PARC) is reviewing the PHABC position.

Read the current PHABC position statement on the regulation of psychoactive substances.

-Policy Advocacy Research and Communication Committee, PHABC