Health Promotion Canada Awards PHABC the Organization Achievement Award

Health Promotion Canada’s Recognition Awards 2017

Organization Achievement Award Winner

We are excited to announce that the Public Health Association of British Columbia has been selected by Health Promotion Canada as a recipient of one of their 2017 Recognition Awards for Organization Achievement.

We are humbled and appreciative of the nomination and will continue to work hard to create a fair and healthy British Columbia for all.


Below is the excerpt from Health Promotion Canada’s recognition awards website
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The Public Health Association of British Columbia is a voluntary, non-government, member driven organization that provides leadership to promote health, well-being, and social equity-a mission directly related to health promotion. The organization has distinguished itself through its inter-sectoral collaborative approach to organizing innovative conferences, summer schools, and other events, many of them focusing on health promotion.

The Association has hosted the BC Health Literacy Network that is based on a health promotion approach, as well as the BC Farm to School Network, which works to “bring healthy, local, just, and sustainable food sourcing and food systems education into BC schools”.

Additionally, the organization has offered to host the BC Health Promotion Network and provide teleconference support to Health Promotion Canada. As part of its 2017 Conference, the Public Health Association of British Columbia hosted the launch of the 4th edition of Health Promotion in Canada. Throughout its existence the organization has also honoured policy makers, practitioners, and researchers for their contributions to health promotion.

According to a letter of support submitted for this nomination, “(the) Public Health Association of British Columbia is a creative, bold, and passionate organization which embodies the core values, beliefs, and ideals of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion…”.


We would also like to congratulate our past president, Paola Ardiles, who is one of the recipients of the Mid-career Award from Health Promotion Canada’s 2017 Recognition Award’s.
Her excerpt from the
 website is below.

Paola is a lecturer in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University. Since graduating from the University of Toronto‘s Master of Public Health: Social and Behavioral Health Sciences (Health Promotion) program approximately 10 years ago, she has made an exceptionally large and innovative contribution to health promotion. One of her early accomplishments was co-authoring a policy report to support national mental health promotion efforts. National and international leaders have recognized the report as an important early contribution to Canada’s first national mental health strategy.

Upon moving to British Columbia Paola became the founding manager of the BC Mental Health and Substance Use Health Literacy Network. Through this role she brought together a wide range of stakeholders to implement a provincial strategy to improve health literacy in the area of mental health and substance use. She also joined the Board and Executive of the Public Health Association of British Columbia and inspired the development of the Public Engagement Committee. Paola subsequently became president of the organization. Finally, she founded Bridge for Health, a new co-op that serves as an incubator for social innovation in health and provides volunteer opportunities for members of the Vancouver community.

As part of her work with Bridge for Health Paola led a youth participation and leadership initiative celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion. In addition she developed the “Well-being at Work” Innovation Labs in Surrey with some local businesses. Art shows, community lectures, an ideas lab, and research partnerships are just a few of the activities that Bridge for Health is now involved in.

Paola has a stellar track record of professional accomplishments in public health and related fields and a strong history of progressive advancement in leadership and management roles. She is not only a current leader in health promotion in Canada, but she is destined to be a future one as well.