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January 18, 2018 – The Public Health Association of British Columbia, Farm to Cafeteria Canada and the Whole Kids Foundation are launching a call for projects for schools that want to make student access to healthy, local and sustainable food a priority. Thanks to a new panCanadian Farm to School Canada Grant program led by Farm to Cafeteria Canada, up to 5 grants (valued at up to $10,000 each) are available for schools in British Columbia that wish to engage students in a Farm to School salad bar progra.


“Farm to Cafeteria Canada is an important partner of the Public Health Association of British Columbia in ensuring children in British Columbia have access to healthy and nutritious food. We welcome their collaboration and are thrilled to be working so closely with federal government and other jurisdictions in the country” say Shannon Turner, Executive Director, Public Health Association of British Columbia.


“There is a food revolution afoot in Canadian schools. Parents, teachers, students, and food service workers are clamouring for a fresh local crunch in school lunch and local farmers and fishers are eager to deliver. We are excited about the opportunity to continue to seed, feed, and watch this movement grow!” says Joanne Bays, National Manager Farm to Cafeteria Canada.


The application deadline is March 31, 2018. For more information about the grant program and to see the inspiring stories from past grantees visit: Farm to School: A growing movement
Farm to Cafeteria Canada is proud to champion the national Farm to School movement. F2CC works closely with the Public Health Association of BC, the lead agency spearheading Farm to School efforts in British Columbia. Today, more than 11,000 schools and campuses across the country are providing more than 750,000 students with an opportunity to experience Farm to School through school gardens, cooking programs, salad bars and many other activities. These schools and campuses estimate they spend nearly $16 million annually on local food.
The national Farm to School Canada Grant program was created as a partnership between the Whole Kids Foundation (WFK) and Farm to Cafeteria Canada (F2CC). To date, the WKF has invested over $1 million in this program designed to support school communities in their endeavours to get more healthy local foods on the minds and on the plates of students. F2CC is the national agency delivering the Farm to School Canada Grant program.


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