Community Health Data website

PHSA recognizes that communities in British Columbia are unique, each with its on assets and health needs. Local level data is important to provide a picture of health in each community, and we are continually searching for innovative ways to get data into the hands of local decision-makers to support their work in creating healthier communities.

PHSA is pleased to announce the public release of Community Health Data website. The site contains new web-based community health profiles for 142 BC communities (updated from the original profiles released in 2014), a searchable database of health and social indicators, and the newly updated BC Community Health Atlas.

The Community Health Data website contains measures of health and well-being that are available across the province, and is intended to complement the resources developed by regional health authorities.

Please take a look through our interactive website, the latest community health profiles for your communities, and search the database to find more information on indicators of interest to you.  We encourage you to use and share the Community Health Data website within your organization and with community partners in your network, and welcome any comments or questions you may have. We hope the new Community Health Data website will be a valuable tool for enhancing health planning in communities across the province.