Canadian Environmental Health Atlas

We are pleased to announced the launch of the Canadian Environmental Health Atlas.

The Canadian Environmental Health Atlas (the Atlas) is an online, open access visual publication that emphasizes stimulating research and case studies using maps, graphics, videos, infographics and narrative to explain some key concepts of environmental health.

The Atlas aims to introduce the many ways in which the environment affects human health and highlight the importance of environmental health in health promotion and disease prevention.

The Atlas includes a myriad of environmental health topics that are organized under ten major themes. Initially, the website will include a variety of topics, such as Asbestos, Lead, Heat Waves, SARS, and the Aboriginal Community Well-being Index. Over time, we will add new topics to the Atlas as they are developed.

The Atlas can be accessed at We would be delighted if you would take a few minutes to explore the Atlas and share it with others. We have provided an atlas logo kit for your convenience.

On behalf of Bruce Lanphear, Kate Bassil, Mike Buzzelli, Paul Peters, and Hannah Moffatt, thank you for taking the time to explore the Canadian Environmental Health Atlas.

Kind Regards,

Joanne Telfer

Project Coordinator

The Canadian Environmental Health Atlas

Simon Fraser University

Burnaby, BC