Canadian Cancer Society – launching of new program

The Canadian Cancer Society is pleased to announce the launching of an innovative smoking cessation program  in partnership with the Running Room – Run to Quit.

What is Run to Quit?

Run to Quit is an effective program that coaches tobacco users on how to get active AND quit smoking. Participants are supported by a Quit Coach through a gradual 10-week Learn-to-Run clinic in combination with evidence-based smoking cessation strategies.

Run to Quit is offered in three formats:

  • Do It Yourself: Online program available anytime, anywhere
  • In-person: Training program at select Running Room locations in Spring 2017
  • Virtual: Online training program available in Winter and Spring. The next Virtual program starts in January 2017!

Why promote Run to Quit?

Because it works! Run to Quit participants are 7x more likely to successfully quit smoking than those who try to quit cold turkey. Exercise reduces cravings, helps manage withdrawal symptoms and inspires people to be healthier.

Most smokers want to quit. Run to Quit offers a unique approach to smoking cessation that helps participants stay motivated as they build new skills and establish behaviours to maintain long-term health goals. Run to Quit participants can reduce two key risk factors responsible for poor health: tobacco use and physical inactivity.


Run to Quit is suitable for non-runners and people with any fitness level. Non-smokers are invited to support someone who is participating in the program. By choosing to champion Run to Quit you are helping people access proven quit smoking resources.

How to Promote Run to Quit

If you are interested in spreading the word about Run to Quit to your Clients and network, please contact me to learn more about the program and discuss the ready–made promotional tools available, including on-site presentations, customized resources and digital files. With your support, a person’s quit journey can be easier and with a greater chance of success. More information about Run to Quit can be found on the website: