Building CAPACITY for informed-based Public Health

August 2015 · Issue 139

New video! A brief introduction to the work of the NCCMT

What we do and why we do it

What exactly is the National Collaborating Centre for Method and Tools? Find out in this short video.

In a couple of minutes, members of the NCCMT team talk about the work of the NCCMT, including:

  • why we believe in evidence-informed decision making
  • what resources and expertise we can provide
  • how we help to build capacity for evidence-informed public health among professionals and educators.

Watch now to learn more about the NCCMT.

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Do you want to encourage policy change in your community or organization?

The Policy Readiness Tool: Understanding a Municipality’s Readiness for Policy Change and Strategies for Taking Action can help you determine a municipalities, communities or organizations level of readiness for policy change. The tool is appropriate for anyone interested in encouraging health public policy development, including policy developers, advocates, community organizations, community members, and municipalities

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