Board of Directors: Mariah Robinson

My name is Mariah Robinson, I am a member of the ‘Namg̱is First Nation. I was born and raised in Alert Bay, BC. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Management with a Major in Sport and Recreation, and currently working as the Administrator for the Whe-La-La-U Area Council Society in Alert Bay.


I have many years of experience with public health and in-community. My values and goals have always been to provide innovative and healthy program activity that enhances the wellbeing of community. I have a passion and strong skill sets in community engagement where I enjoy bringing community together through social programming that helps to improve their quality of life.


My expertise has been connecting our youth to our traditional teachings and building relationships between youth and elders. I have established confidence to connect outcome-based programs through Local traditional teachings and Global Frameworks (UNDRIP).


I have a strong background in delivering positive activities for all ages and building inter-generational connectedness; and I have been successful in developing relationships amongst community members, government, private sector partners and community organizations.