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BC Community Health website updated with the latest data

The website allows users to explore the health profile of their community and other communities across B.C. using three tools:
  • Community Health Profiles,
  • a searchable health database, and
  • a visual health atlas.

The tools provide an overview of multiple health and well-being indicators for a geographic area to support health and wellness planning in communities.

The tools have been updated with the latest available data:
  • Census 2016
  • Canadian Community Health Survey
  • Chronic disease registries, vital statistics
  • Early Development Instrument and Student Learning Survey.
The website is used to inform planning in areas such as:
  • Income, education, employment and affordable housing
  • Chronic disease such as asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Student health behaviours such as physical activity and vegetable consumption
  • Early childhood development and vulnerability Active transportation such as biking or walking to work.

Find your Community Health Profile at