PHABC wishes Angie Todd-Dennis, our Elder-in-Residence, happy 80th birthday!

Happy eightieth birthday Angie! Black and white headshot of Angie Todd-Dennis

Angie Todd-Dennis is Nak’azdli First Nation (Dene), a Carrier woman, mother, grandmother and teacher. The PHABC team wishes her an incredible 80th birthday filled with love, and community.

PHABC is honoured that Angie has served as our Elder-in-Residence for over five years. Her wisdom, insights and generosity are deeply respected and appreciated.

Angie was born into the Frog clan of the Nak’azdli of the Dene Nations. After she attended convent and residential schools, she received degrees from UBC (BEd) and University of Hawaii-Manoa (MPH).

Her career spanned decades primarily in the teaching and health fields in program development, community engagement and as an educator, bridging the gap between indigenous communities and public institutions. Angie helped to establish the UBC First Nation’s Health Care Professions program which has generated a legacy of caring by Indigenous clinicians across Canada.

At BC Women’s Health Centre and Hospital, Angie’s provincial role was to improve Indigenous women and girls’ health. Her community volunteer service has included sitting on many Vancouver boards including the Friendship Centre, Luma Native Housing, Vi Fine day Shelter and Circle of Eagles transition house. As well she was the founding president of (now) Pacific Association of First Nations’ Women and Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services.

The Public Health Association of BC is grateful for her service and leadership.  Happy Birthday Angie!!