For over 35 years, PHABC has used a multi-disciplinary and evidence-based approach to speak out on issues affecting the health of British Columbians. The Public Health Association of BC is committed to promoting and protecting the public’s health. Working with public health professionals, grassroots groups, and non-profit organizations, PHABC advocates to government and other decision-makers for public policy that improves health and reduces health inequities in the province.

Advocating for healthy public policy has a long history as the cornerstone for promoting the health of the public. Advocacy encompasses taking a position on an issue and initiating actions to influence public policy choices and bring about change. In the public health field, advocacy is assumed to be in the public interest and often aims to enhance the health of disadvantaged groups. Our goal at PHABC is to speak out and be heard on issues affecting the health of British Columbians.

Within PHABC, a Policy, Advocacy and Research Committee focuses on four areas:

  • Advocating for the development and implementation of healthy public policy
  • Communicating best practices and policies to facilitate action on public health issues
  • Encouraging research into the broad issues that affect the public’s health

Cooperating regionally, nationally and internationally with other organizations to promote the public’s health.

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