Join us on PlaceSpeak and Make Public Health a Provincial Election Priority This Fall!

Public Health and the 2020 BC Election

Make Public Health a Provincial Election Priority This Fall! Join us on PlaceSpeak




This October 24, 2020 BC voters will be returning to the election polls to decide their next provincial government. Given the ongoing pandemic and its impact on the public health system, this election represents a crucial opportunity for public health supporters to advocate for increased resources and supportive policies and legislation that will improve the health of all British Columbians.


Public Health in the BC Election: More than an Ounce of Prevention” is a topic on PlaceSpeak, an online location-based community engagement platform, created by the Public Health Association of BC for British Columbians to ask questions surrounding the state of public health in BC and in their individual communities. We encourage all of our members to join the community and share the topic with your colleagues, friends and family.


Candidates from all 87 provincial ridings have also been invited to engage with their constituents via this topic and all political parties who have candidates running on the ballot in BC this year have been requested to complete our all-party survey on prominent public health issues. Their responses will be released on the topic in advance of the election date.


Resources have been provided on several important public health issues aimed to help the undecided voter choose the party that best reflects their values and links to all of the political party platforms are also available. The topic will be monitored by non-partisan public health professionals to ensure accurate, fact-based information is provided.


To join the community, follow the link below to create a free account and help PHABC put the “Public” back in Public Health!


Donate to Support a Universal School-Food Program in BC



Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, food security has become a prominent public health issue and the BC Chapter for the Coalition of Healthy School Food is dedicated to making it a key election priority. But they need your help!

By donating to Nourish Kids Now you will support the coalition’s capacity to focus on this important opportunity to make a universal school food program a key issue in the upcoming election. With your support they could make 2020 the last year any child in British Columbia goes without a healthy lunch at school!

In the last year, individuals and organizational members and endorsers of the Coalition, such as Fresh Roots and the BCGEU, have contributed a total of $15,000 toward the Coalition’ work. Will you chip in today?

To support the coalition’s work and donate today please follow the link below. If you are not in a position to donate right now, please consider sharing this campaign broadly with your networks.